Spin for a house and imagine you just inherited that house.

Go to https://spinnerwheel.com/wheels/hnrTbuJU1aIaEWHdLyNvcz0xJmU9MQ== and click on the wheel. Congratulations – you’ve just inherited this house from a distant relative you never knew you had!


So, you travel to your new abode:

  • Where is the house? What’s the surrounding area like?
  • What does the house look like?
  • What shape is it in?
  • Is it furnished? If not, what furniture would be perfect for it?
  • What’re the neighbors like . . . if you have any?
  • Would you pet(s) feel comfortable there?
  • Would you move in or sell it?

Tell or show us what your new home is like in a drawing, photo, description, short story, poem, song, . . .

This Daily Create was inspired by “The Game of Life” a board game in which each player spins for a house in the middle of the game.

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