Look at this photo from somewhere between 1915 and 1920 of Italian opera singer Giovanni Martinelli and his wife Adele Previtali. She has a rather suggestive expressive… what is she thinking?

Martinelli (LOC)

Martinelli (LOC) flickr photo by The Library of Congress shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons)

Of course we do not really know what is going on here, but we can imagine, right? What might Adele tell us in a meme-like message here? If you do not know of a tool to do this, you can upload the image to the imgflip meme generator and add the text,

Much creativity can be had from the public domain photos from the Library of Congress. This one came in a new browser tab using the Library of Congress Free to Use extension. It makes every new tab a space for curiosity.

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