Two days from now, count ’em, two, is the 10th anniversary of the DS106 Daily Create. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

Countdown animation modified from Wikimedia Commons Seven segment display-animated shared under a CC BY-SA license

This week we continue counting down the 10 most popular Daily Creates of all time, measured by the number of responses, and we are onto the silver medal level with the 2nd most popular of all time. Can we have the envelope please?

The envelope says… this Daily Create was published October 14, 2016, and gathered a staggering 56 responses, placing it in second place all time. Please, don’t hold your applause! To spread the joy, today do a new response for #tdc1741 Create a Photograph in Words. As a reminder, here is the prompt (and you can tell how old this by its reference to 140 characters, those old twitter days!):

Notice something in the world that you might normally take a photograph of… but do not take the photo.

Instead, describe the image in a tweet. Help us visualize what you see by all the words you can cram into 140 characters (minus the 17 for @ds106dc #tdc1741). Oh, if there is room, also add #photosWithoutPhotos.


Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc3647

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