We are just 3 days from the 10th anniversary of the DS106 Daily Create, as they used to say “Can you dig it?”. This week we continue counting down the 10 most popular Daily Creates of all time, measured by the number of responses, and we are onto the bronze medal round with the 3rd most popular of all time.

Countdown animation modified from Wikimedia Commons Seven segment display-animated shared under a CC BY-SA license

Originally published September 4, 2015, this daily create collected 49 responses, putting it standing on the podium for 3rd place. To celebrate, today to a new response for #tdc1335 Welcome To Our New House, Show Us a Neat Place. This was the first daily create in the redesigned version of the original site.

The Daily Create is re-born today to this new location. Same idea, but a new format!

It’s a shiny new place, so share a photo today of an exciting place.

Got a photo of an exciting place? Share it today.

Post your response to @[email protected] and for fun and extra points, include the original tag #tdc1335

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