This is the 2306th consecutive DS106 Daily Create, going back to January 8, 2012. How many technologies have climbed the hype curve and dropped into the trough of despair since?

The Daily Create just keeps going. But we need your help…

Several people have worked the knobs and levers behind the scenes to keep it going, most recently Martha Burtis who kept us going for the Spring 2018 The End version of DS106 (the class may end, nothing in DS106 really ends). For many years Alan Levine kept the pace alive and Mariana Funes also ran the operation for a while.

So we are looking for a few more volunteers who might want to take over the helm for a while (or we can have several hands on the wheel). It does not take any special expertise, it’s a simple blog creation activity in WordPress, and much of it is automated.

If you are interested in becoming a DS106 Daily Create Operator, reply to this with your best gusto filled response. And if that’s more than you wish to bite off, then help out the new operators by piling on some suggestions for new daily creates.

If anything, for today, offer what you can to keep the Daily Create running like a champ.

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc2306


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