It’s a real life on the web anonymous answering machine at After the Beep.

Just call 1-hi-boop-beep (1-442-667-2337) and leave a message at the beep. It’s wild just to listen to the messages left there, by real human voices (well as far as one can tell these days).

A windows OS type interface for voicemail inbox, with the phone number at the top 1 (422) 667-2337. Below are a list of messages you can click to listen to them.

Call now! Operators are standing by. Listen in

Maybe you could put Dr. Oblivion up to the phone and have him leave a message!

But if you are in a place that cannot call this number phone number, make something from a message!. Listen to one of the messages and create a story from it, like The History of Fridays or You Heard of that App Called Klak? 

Pure fun, found in mastodon post by AK

Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc4493

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