Curiosity at a random image from the Flickr Commons makes me want to put the Thanksgiving Maskers into the modern age, yup, a trip through AI land.

Thanksgiving Maskers  (LOC)

“Thanksgiving Maskers (LOC)” flickr photo by The Library of Congress shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons)

I asked some background questions in Perplexity AI then used information to spawn a fictional story with ToolBaz Story Generator, and then used the gist to ask Craiyon to make this image

Craiyon image generated from prompt “A cosplay festival crowd in Korea with costumes that celebrate Thanksgiving” This image is so bad do with it whatever you like,

Where have I gone? Shrug, but here’s my details. Where can you go with the Thanksgiving Mashers? Maybe generate music? A story? A video? Share the steps.


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