If I understand this Mastodon post correctly, the Australian wasp species “Aha ah” was coined from words exchanged between it’s identifiers:

Map of Austrailia with a region in the northwest and south central colored to indicated range, is a species of wasps named "Aha ha", a diagram of the wasp in the lower right

30DayMapChallenge 2023 Day 3: Polygons: The range of the wasp species Aha ha, described and named by my father in 1977. The story goes, when he looked at the specimens, he exclaimed “Aha! A new species!” to which his colleague, Eric Grissell, responded doubtfully, “ha!” 😁

At the time my Dad said that if he were sent more new species of Australian wasps, he would name the new genus Ohno, and report the discovery in a paper entitled “Ohno, another new genus of Australian Sphecidae.” #QGIS


Your task is to create a name for some new species of insects based on a human expression and then show its range on a map.

Tweet/X your response to @ds106dc or post in Mastodon as a response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc4321

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