The game of Starlitaire via Math Games With Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin (page 139)

image via Math Games With Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin (page 139)

This art prompt comes via the wonderful book by Ben Orlin: Math Games With Bad Drawings

Starlitaire is a single person “game” that creates geometric art. The way to play Starlitaire, according to Orlin:

  • Make a circle of dots (with as many dots as you want)
  • Make up a rule for how to connect the dots (such as skip one, or skip three, etc)
  • Connect the dots with the rule that you invented
  • Patterns will emerge (and if you use different colored pens for each move to connect the dots, it will be even more beautiful
  • Make more complex rules for different patterns (such as skip 1 then skip 3, etc.)

“Just be sure not to lose yourself among the stars.” — Ben Orlin

That’s it. That’s how you play Starlitaire. Share out your designs when you are done. Maybe try more than one to see how the patterns shift and change.


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