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Something very unusual happened on this bridge the other day. What happened?

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Unusual Bridge #tdc2669 #ds106 (May 3, 2019)

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  1. Caleigh Deane

    #tdc1666 #ds106 I was on a nature hike, and I stumbled upon this bridge. I was excited to walk across the bridge, because I wanted to look down at the rushing, white-capped rapids below me. However, when I started towards the bridge, I noticed a tall, dark, and slender man standing on the very edge of the handrail, peering down into the chaotic, dark water in the river. Suddenly, he turned and looked deeply into my eyes. I looked away, shook my head, and took a deep breath, thinking that I had interpreted the haunting, dark trellises and intricate works of the bridge incorrectly; it must be because of the slowly setting sun, casting elongated shadows onto the walkway mere yards in front of me. Reassured in my mentally constructed logic, I took a few timid steps onto the bridge, hearing small pieces of gravel from the path behind me crunching under my feet. As soon as I approached the spot where I thought I saw the man, he suddenly reappeared on the other end of the bridge. I screamed out of pure shock and fear as the melted into the trees beyond the bridge, almost beckoning me to join him. Unwilling to do so, I spun around and ran as fast as I can, back to my car. There I sat for an hour, thoroughly confused about the unusual encounter I had with the man made of shadows on the old, haunting bridge.

    • Dana Tawiah

      I honestly would have walked away the moment he looked at me but I like your description of the man.

  2. Dana Tawiah

    The sun was a warm welcome in the late fall season. My brother, Frank, and I were on our way to meet up with some friends at our favorite spot past the Tyson Bridge. We had been so busy the past couple of days because of our work schedule, and we wanted to reconnect by having a ‘sip and paint.’ Frank had our hot chocolate drinks, and I had the paint. I decided to get a head start while Frank finished up a work call. The path isn’t long, and I loved seeing the bridge, but this time was different. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years at this same bridge last week. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened my eyes, I was startled by Damond, my now-ex, standing in front of me. I was so mad that I wanted to hit him in the face, but I then noticed how pale he looked and the blood trailing down his temple. I reached up to touch his hair, and I could feel an open wound. He tilted his head to look down at the path that led under the bridge. I frantically asked him what happened as I kept accessing his body for any other injuries. He wouldn’t respond, and when I grabbed his, I felt the cold, solid object before I looked down and saw the gun. Damond lifted the gun at me and I walked backwards begging him to not shoot me. Then, as if in a trance, he locked eyes with me and repeated, “I had to protect you from him. I am so sorry.” I saw the grief in his eyes and asked him from who. I never got a reply, as his eyes turned pitch black and a shot went off. I woke up to my brother shaking me and asking me why I yelled. I sat up quickly and asked him if he heard the gun shot to which he replied no. Damond was also nowhere to be found, and my brother told me that he had rushed to me after hearing my scream and found me on the ground. I turned to the path Damond was looking at and saw a necklace, but it wasn’t just any necklace; it was Damond’s cross necklace his mom gave him before she passed. I walked over there with my brother in tow and detangled it from the branches of bush along the path. I continued to walk down in confusion as to why it would be there; Damond never took it off. When I got under the bridge, I saw Damond’s body tucked under a few bushes. I rushed over to him with worry and told my brother to call an ambulance. I brushed the bushes aside to see Damond with blood on his temple, the same way I saw him on the bridge. I checked his pulse because I refused to believe that he was dead. There was a faint pulse, and I let out a sigh of relief as I also looked for the source of the blood. The ambulance came in time and took him to the hospital, where we were informed that he had survived. I picked up my phone to let his family know that he was okay when I received a text. I opened it and read the message. “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE GONE DOWN THE BRIDGE. YOU ARE NEXT.”


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