The InstrumentBot over on Mastodon (it used to be on Twitter but that’s another story not worth goion into except to say: thanks a lot, Musk) is a fun little bot that generates descriptions of instruments, with the tagline: “Instruments of Mass Construction.”

The odd collection of posts makes for a neat imaginary experiment: What would one of these instruments look like?

For today’s prompt, head to InstrumentBot at the federated space, and choose one of its posts to design or illustrate or describe in words the instrument (and maybe give it a name?). It’s not clear if these might be musical instruments or some other kind of instruments, or if even matters. Interpret, as needed.

Extra bonus credit for anyone who not only imagines the sound that one of its musical instrument makes but makes the sound and shares it with us.


Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc4144

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