Attention DS106-heads, old and new:

Do you know Rowan Peter? That Gen-X punk kid from Australia? If you don’t you should. 

@rowan_peter is the best participant, lurker, engager, rocker and roller from WAY BACK, as in first open DS106. What year was that??? (let Rowan’s blog tell the story…).

This cat was mowing lawns in homage to DS106 long before Jim Groom was taking pictures of his (lovely, handsome, weirdsmith) slobbering dog on the gorgeous lawns of Trento.

En serio.

Rowan is The OG DS106-head. Let’s show up for the 48th anniversary of his birth– May 2nd.

Old Heads you know what to do… gifs, OLD PICs, screenshots, audiofiles, new and improved tributes, etc. Rally like we used to. Do you remember? I do. En serio.

Anyone else who hasn’t yet had the privlige to know Rowan… number one, know that any contribution you make will be met with gratitude and love, and, get to know him. He’s rad.

Let’s go!

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc4127

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