What? You weren’t anywhere near the scene of the crime? You’ve been framed! You were at home, working on your DS106 Daily Create and you have proof. Your grandmother had your art framed and it is sitting on her bedside table.


For today’s daily create place an image into Nana’s picture frame. Extra credit if you frame a GIF.

Download the frame as a PNG file here (or any other frame you find). Use your favorite photo editing app to make your image the bottom layer and the frame the top layer.  Feeling adventurous? Have you tried Pixlr? It’s a free online image editing app that’s pretty decent. It looks like it can even make GIFs if you want to play with it a little more.

[Click here to see how a proud Nana shared her DS106 photo frame to the world a decade ago.]

Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc4041

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