Mini Mad Lib

Ever played Mad Libs? This game has a story with words replaced by gaps. A category is specified for each gap (e.g., “noun,” “place,” “color”). One player has the story and asks the other players to give a word for each gap without revealing what the story is about. After all the gaps are filled, the player reads the story aloud. Generally, the resulting story is very humorous. If you’re not familiar with the game, try out one of these stories.

Write your own mini Mad Lib story using an online generator such as Wordlib. Challenge yourself to write a six-word story. Example: Vines wrapped [ADVERB] around [ADJECTIVE] [PLURAL NOUN].

After submitting your story share the link as your daily create response so that others can try out your story. Example:

Try out other ds106ers’ Wordlibs and share the resulting stories. Example:

This daily create was inspired by the MYFest Storytelling and Microfiction workshop on July 6, 2022.

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