A transparent leaf
A transparent leaf flickr photo by Joshua Daniel O. shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Imagine a leaf, and then draw it from memory. What’s the outer shape? How about the map of veins down the center? And the stem? Feel free to get creative with design and colors. Or, if drawing is not your thing, share an artistic photograph of an interesting leaf.

This October, join the National Writing Project and the National Park Service for a STEAM-powered Write Out 2022. Organized as a public invitation to get out and create, supported by a series of free online activities, Write Out invites educators, students, and families to explore national parks and other public spaces. The goal is to connect and learn through place-based writing and sharing. Learn more and sign up: https://writeout.nwp.org

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc3934


  1.  Assignment #4: multiple leaves and girl friends – artsywithmungie

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