Quote Inspiration (inspired by @ECMLCELV)

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on September 26th. Every year around this time the European Centre for Modern Languages has activities on its website to celebrate linguistic diversity. This year, one of the activities is Famous Quotes, and according to the website:

We are all familiar with quotes from famous personalities in our own languages and cultures – but how many do we know from elsewhere in different languages? Here is a chance to discover the wisdom, truths (or half-truths!), creativity, humour and sometimes downright cynicism from a range of cultures and languages as well as their origins. Do you have a favourite? We would be delighted if you would also contribute some of your own!

Browse the quotes to see what inspires you. Create something based on a quote from the website or from some other quote. (What you end up choosing doesn’t have to be European!) Bonus points for multilingual creations. Here’s an example based on one of the quotes from the website:

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