See how Janelle Shane, the author of AI Weirdness asked a GPT-3 neural network to brainstorm a list of drawing prompts for Botober 2022

Pick one (or more) prompts to DRAW — that does not mean google and grab! What does a Unicorn Cobra look like? Where does a Clam car hang out? How do you portray a lava lamp rodent?

A list of art prompts for each day, like -- Golden forearmadillo, Roquefort dingo, Dolphin leucrocuta, Kiwifish, Wookiee wallaby, Hippopotamus asparagus, Toad-faced warbler, Opossum with a clock in its mouth, Clam cat, Ball of string, A giant kiwi-sized bat, Alpaca-godzilla, A camel spider in a bear costume, Saucepan sloth

Pick an AI suggested animal!


Extra points for doing more than one!

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc3903

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