Did you know there is a whole field emerging of music composers focused on writing the music and sound for Electric Vehicles? As the world turns towards more EVs on the roadways, the issue of designing audio sounds as a way to alert pedestrians of approaching vehicles otherwise relatively quiet is becoming more important than ever.

For today’s assignment, either record (your voice, or a music piece) or write out a description of what you think should be the sound or music an Electric Vehicle emits when approaching a pedestrian so engrossed in their phone that they are oblivious to the approaching danger. You could also illustrate a car approaching a person, with its sound on full blast.

Need a place to record and share? We like Sodaphonic for its ease of use and quick sharing: https://sodaphonic.com/

Tesla Sedan Party Video

Tesla Sedan Party Video flickr photo by jurvetson shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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