Musician/Artist Nick Cave has a varied field of artistic interests (but may be best known for his band, The Bad Seeds). One of Nick Cave’s public art displays that catches a lot of attention is called a Soundsuit, which is a wearable piece of art inspired by African tribal music and allows the wearer/performer to become the rhythm of the sound through physical actions.

Soundsuit, Nick Cave 1

Soundsuit, Nick Cave 1 flickr photo by David Hoffman ’41 (on/off) shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Soundsuits can be best described as a blend of color, noise, and texture. They are artworks that can be worn or be displayed as motionless objects or fused into a wild performance as costumes.  — from Public Delivery: Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

After learning more about Nick Cave’s Soundsuits project, design your own version of the Soundsuit. You can do this with an illustration or sketch, or describe it in words, or heck, for bonus DS106 music points, you can even make a Soundsuit and share a video of you playing your sounds.

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