The Chronoscope World is a collection of historical maps spanning the 13th to 20th centuries. Users can find over 3,500 maps that are superimposed over modern maps.

The tool is easy to use, especially after watching this 5-minute tutorial

Use the Chronoscope World site to find a historical map. (Recommendation: Use the random feature by clicking on the rocket icon at the top or using the keyboard command – Shift R). Zoom in and explore the map. Imagine you are in that place in that year. Do you live there or are you visiting? What do you see? What are you doing there? Who do you meet? Tell us or show us.


After pressing Shift R, the Chronoscope World took me to a map of Grossenbrode (near the Baltic Sea) from 1878:

I zoomed in on the map and explored it:

Next, I imagined if it were 1878, I would be visiting the area and would therefore spend the night in Grossenbrode. Early the next morning, I would walk northwest and then stroll around the coast to the ferry. After a leisurely lunch, I would board the ferry to cross Fehmarnsund to the island of Fehmarn:

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