Don’t Judge a Book by Its [Misleading] Cover!  Choose a book, story, play, etc. and create a misleading cover. One option is to choose a book from the MYFest Library Bookshelf.

As an example, the word Faust means fist in German, but Goethe’s Faust is the name of the play’s main character and has nothing to do with a fist


This Daily Create was inspired by a Twitter thread by @dagger0621.



The thread starts off with a book cover of Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front.” While the cover shows a cowboy riding a horse in the US Wild West, the book is a story about a German soldier’s experience in WWI trenches. Not exactly the most fitting cover by any stretch of the imagination. You can find more examples of incongruous covers when you scroll down to people’s replies to the thread.

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