The earth, you know is round, right? From where you are on this planet, today find the nearest inhabited place on your antipode, find a curious fact, and make a story of it.

Are you ready? First use the Geodatos tool to locate your antipode– just from entering in your location. Look, the place opposite the world from me in Moose Jaw, Canada is Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen, French Southern Territories. Who knew there was such a place?

I found my antipode, where is yours?


Then I find in Wikipedia that Port-aux-Français is a French territory within spitting distance (well not really) of Antarctica. Apparently only 45 people live there in the winter, and in the summer it swells to 120. But check out this history tidbit:

From 1955 to 1957, a French slaughterhouse company, SIDAP, built an elephant seal processing plant equipped with Australian machinery. The factory opened its doors just after the wedding of the director, Marc Péchenart, and Martine Raulin on 16 December 1957. This was the first marriage ever celebrated on the islands. The factory closed in 1960, and the equipment was sent to Réunion in 2005.

So my story is that the newly married Martine did not know the nature of her fiance’s business, and being a dedicated protector of natural animals, convinced Marc to sell the seal processing plant and turn it into a solar powered greenhouse for growing organic tomatoes. That’s my story!

Find your antipode, a quirky fact, and bend the truth into a new story. Go!

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