If you think educational technology in 2022 is challenging, see how things were in 1917!

This Library of Congress public domain image is actually described as “a trooper from the University of Washington militia using a portable field-telephone in a suitcase.” But we can play with the truth and create our own story.

Make this into a message about learning online now, do it as a meme, or modify the graphic, make it into a video with your own narration, there is no limit on how to tell this story.


An old photo of man in uniform sitting on the ground, with headphones on connected to some kind of device inside a briefcase, the handwritten label at the top reads- University of Washington

Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/resource/ggbain.24448


For me, I think of trying to Zoom in 1917 and you know your mic is muted but all your classmates keep telling you that as you are reaching for that button.

The same image as above, but meme text at bottom reads-- YES I KNOW I AM MUTED! I AM REACHING FOR THE *&^% BUTTON




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