Project Seen is an interesting look at words that are monitored by surveillance…  You can explore it by typing directly into the web page, or even use a bookmarklet tool to apply to any web page you find. What message can you create that gets its words struck out (explore the word list and examples).

Project Seen is a project that deals with interception and filtering of our communications by the NSA, GCHQ and other security agencies. It is a typeface with a preloaded set of trigger words these agencies target when scanning through our online communications. The typeface can be installed and used as any other font, but once any of the trigger words is written, the font immediately crosses it out. This way it automatically highlights and points out the content prone to secret surveillance.

What kind of counter-message can you make with this?

The text -- I had seen this thing called MYFest on the internet with the words "recharge and renewal", is my information correct? -- has the words seen, internet, words, and information crossed out

Exploring Project Seen… what is wrong (or right) with these words?


Project “Seen”was a MA project developed as a part of Communication Design final project at Central Saint Martins by Emil Kozole — learn more

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