Google can find anything, or can it? Can you plop something in the search bar that produces zero results? In a poetic response to TDC Jim  @xb7r (extended version posted in the MyFest22 Slack) created a word I was curious about in this line:

Flask or flail or jagged glum,
Carpiscaturn durn’st outrun

What the heck is Carpiscaturn? At the ime Google did not know!

Google search result for Carpiscaturn indicates with animated cartoon of a blue troll ice fishing --Your search - Carpiscaturn - did not match any documents--

Finding the Antegooglewhackblatt


An Antegooglewhackblatt is a variation of a Google Whack (all fun reading on Wikipedia) a single word search that produces zero results, beyond an animate blue troll ice fishing! And by the time this gets posted and indexed by Google, that status is changed.

Can you produce an Antegooglewhackblatt? Share it via a screenshot and also explain what the heck it is (By the way Capriscaturn is a philosophically inclined cat fish who uses Latin in common conversation, very droll).


Enjoy some Whackblatting!

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