Welcome to a fun way to explore old books that are in the public domain. Type a one or two word search query (every day objects work better) into the Weird Old Book Finder and share an interesting find.

Of course I had to try a search on “dog” (I notice each search returns a different result). You get entire book as a result! Share a picture of the cover page and the text of a passage that jumps out at you.

I got “‘The One Dog and ‘The Others’: A study in canine character” by Francis Slaughter, published in 1907:


and from the preface I found this bit of profundity

My dog is perfection in character and disposition, and in intelligence he cannot be beaten

I am comparing that to my dog, who earlier spent a good two minutes rolling joyfully in snow.

And I must give credit to Paul Bond for topping me off to this in a tweet

The Weird Old Book Finder was created by writer Clive Thompson and it’s well worth it to learn more about the reason he created it, it very much feeds into the ethos of DS106. And it is published in the Glitch platform, meaning the entire web application can be copied, remixed and made into your own.

But enough, go off and find an old weird book that is interesting.

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