Wikipedia is huge. eh? And intensely interlinked? Try a variation on the Oracle of Kevin Bacon and more interesting than connections of actors by playing Six Degrees of Wikipedia to explore connections in knowledge:

Inspired by the concept of six degrees of separatio Six Degrees of Wikipedia traverses hyperlinks on Wikipedia to find the least number of clicks it takes to navigate between any of the nearly six million pages on the world’s largest free online encyclopedia.

Enter the titles of two Wikipedia pages in the boxes on this site, click the “Go!” button, and discover just how connected Wikipedia really is.

So here is your challenge- what can you find that has the most degrees of separation in Wikipedia from Digital Storytelling? For what it’s worth, it’s only 3 degrees from Digital Storytelling to bacon itself  (and equivalent for Kevin Bacon so he is as good as bacon).

The key is to think for something as possibly different as possible. I was able to get to a five degree of separation for going from Digital Storytelling to MicrobesOnline (note the feedback “wipes brow I really had to work hard for this one”)

Six Degrees of Wikipedia result with Digital Storytelling in one box and MicrobesOnline in the other. Message at bottom reads -- *wipes brow* I really had to work for this one. Found 83 paths with 5 degrees of separation from Digital storytelling to MicrobesOnline in 3.59 seconds!

I have yet to crack a 6, can you?

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