DFACE.app is an important web tool for taking steps towards protecting privacy and identity in online photos. It uses AI (finally in a non-creepy beneficial way) to find faces in an image and offers options to mask, blur, hide them. Give it a try!

You might consider using a photo that maybe you posted online and perhaps wished you didn’t? Or just one of an interesting situation. But use your own photo! That’s the point. Does it find faces well? Experiment with the different options, save your image, and tweet it.

For my example, I wanted to establish that any photos suggesting that @jimgroom and I ever stood together at the Grand Canyon are a FAKE!

There is no proof!

He and I were never there together. Nor did we almost hit a deer on the drive back. Nope.

DFACE yourself! DFACE your friends! And then consider a possible good use for this tool.


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