You are just sitting there at some event, minding your own business, and you become a meme? Well if you are Bernie Sanders at the 2021 US Presidential Inauguration, it did.

Where can you send Bernie? And what is he doing there? What’s the story? I first did it the manual way, with some masking in Photoshop and browsing of NASA archives, yes Bernie was already sitting there when someone took one small leap for man…

But a grad student Nick Sawhney made it easy for you to send Bernie anywhere, using images from Google Street view. Check out Just enter any specific address or just a location, and see where you can send Bernie. And when that got too much for the servers, Outsnapped set up a version

Here he is in Florida (Cape Canaveral) waiting for a ride back to the moon or just anywhere away from Earth

And heck, I plugged in the street address for the place I grew up in in Baltimore, there he is waiting in front of my old house. He’s eager to go up the woods between Sudbrook and Bedford schools, meet him at The Big Rock.

Bernis is sitting in front of my childhood home, a brick house with a green suburban lawn

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