Peter Cusack Sound Map

Peter Cusack has been exploring the ways places sound. One of his mapping projects — Favorite Sounds –seek to pin audio to place, in what is called Audio Ecology. One of his projects is Favorite Sounds of … and he is creating a map. Explore the map and listen to some of the sounds (advice: click on PROJECTS in the left column of the map — that then opens up a tab with a variety of geographic choices).

Write a reflection tweet — what do you notice about sounds of place after listening? OR you could record some of your own sounds of your own place and share them out with us…. (How to do that? You could use a simple voice memo or recording app on a phone and then share the audio file out via a site like Vocaroo or Soundcloud)

Cusack has also been working on a related project entitled Sounds from Dangerous Places, as way to document the audio of environmentally damaged or endangered spaces.

(Note: This prompt is inspired by suggestions in The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker)

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