In the 1970’s one of the most popular shows on TV was Match Game. The name of the show would change at the start of a new year; for example in January the program’s name might change from Match Game ’75 to Match Game ’76.

The game’s concept was a simple one. Two game show contestants would compete to see who could provide the same answer, or “match” the answers previously provided by a panel of six celebrities. Whoever received the most matches would win the game.

As we have just begun a new year, let’s celebrate by playing a short round of Match Game ’18.

Fill in the blank for one or more of the following statements:

  • Dumb Donald was so dumb, when his car stopped working he ___________ it.
  • After being hit by a steamroller, Norman had to slide his ____________ under the door.
  • Susan never had a _____________ for more than a year.


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