The book 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours is just what the title says; a hilarious but sometimes disgusting look at 50 simply awful jobs. Examples from the book include:

Rat Catcher – pay 55 rupees per day, relocation required,  must catch and kill 25 rats per day, 71 openings (day or night shifts) available, 20,000 people applied for this position during the last round of hiring.

“It’s a Small World” Ride Operator – pay $10/hr after the first ten years of employment, escort children & parents through 11-minute boat ride, must listen to the chorus: “It’s a small world after all” 300 times a day x 7 hrs/day x 5 days/week x 50 weeks a year.

For today’s Daily Create, describe the details of the worst job you can imagine. It can be a real job or one you invent. What is the pay? Where is it located? What does it require? What is the worst part of the job?


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    1.  Week 8/9 – Internet Radio (not finished) – Site Title

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