A recent Daily Create asked us to create a GIF from The Great Train Robbery from 1903. But what about the earlier classic A Trip to the Moon?

(You might recognize the movie by Georges Méliès if you read The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick or have seen the movie version, Hugo. If you have not read the book, really, you should. The movie’s pretty good, too. The book is a classic.)

Choose a scene from A Trip to the Moon, and make an animated GIF to share out.

The selection of scenes is stunning. There are all sorts of tools out there to make GIFs from YouTube. This writer highly recommends the Chrome add-on, Gif-It or the Giphy GIFmaker tool works great

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This Daily Create has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tdc1541 A GIF Trip to the Moon (Mar 28, 2016)

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