Can you identify places in the world via images? But more than the game play, can you connect them as a story?

The Earth Picker generates five random places in the world from the view of of google Street View. Then you try to guess the location by pinpointing where in the world you think it is on a map.

Use your knowledge, experience, and google earth navigation to guess where 5 random images come from

Zoom, rotate and move the image to discover more clues about the places. Explore great cities, famous attractions and the beauty of nature in our world. Watch people go about their everyday lives.

I did pretty darn good! And Look where I ended up on the leaderboard. It was ds106destiny.

I am within the top 106!

But scores and winning are so ordinary. Save those images in your mind, and weave a storied tweet of connections of the 5 places you visited.

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc2128

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