Wander back through the old days of newspaper comic strips and you’ll find some pretty strange, and intriguing, concepts.

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For example, The Wonderful Island of Yum from the 1960s is a trippy comic about .. well … let’s let the Look and Learn site explain the comic’s story-frame:

The Island of Yum is a colourful land you can only get to in your dreams. Peter and Pam were two young children who travelled to Yum where they were met by Splosh, a talkative baby whale who takes them to meet Professor Yum who owns the island. The professor owns a pirate ship and a rocket ship if he needs to travel and there is always the little engine that needs no tracks to travel around the island. There are plenty of other inhabitants, including the Yum Indians who live in tepees, the Snow Boys of Icecream Mountain, the Wizard of Yum and a friendly dragon. — via Look and Learn

Ok, then.

Now, imagine the comic is being revamped and revisited for the web. Pitch a storyline in a single tweet for the new adventures of The Island of Yum. Sketched artwork on the backside of a napkin of your idea will double your #ds106 dollars.

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