In the UK we have recently started to name our storms. The public gets to submit suggestions for names that then get selected into a list for the year. But the rejected names are much more fun than the ones the Meteorological Office uses. Why not name a storm In-A-Teacup? (local knowledge: British storms and barely storms in a teacup by world standards, so storm mocking is small talk in the UK often)

Pick a name from the rejected list (or make up your own) and tell us about in a “Breaking News Item’ for TV or Radio (this means you can make a short video or a short audio track). Need some help? Here is a news item for Storm Aileen,

“Storm Aileen was officially named on 12 September 2017 and impacted parts of the UK on 12 -13 September 2017. The storm brought strong winds and heavy rain overnight and into the morning rush hour causing disruption to roads and railways. Many areas of England and Wales saw winds between 55 – 65 mph with the strongest gusts recorded on the Isle of Wight (83 mph) and Mumbles, Wales (74 mph). Across the north of England, over 7,000 homes were left without power.”


Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc2095

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