It’s September 15th. That means it’s International Dot Day…again. We did this last year, and it was fun.  Shall we join the creativity of classrooms around the world again today?

It’s Dot Day

Inspired by the picture book, The Dot, people of all ages and backgrounds make a Dot on the World. The Dot is a story of a girl who doesn’t think she is an artist until she starts to see the art she is making.

Today, make yourself an artistic dot or circle. Decorate it, or not, as you please. Share it out in the world, as part of the message from artist Peter Reynolds that we have our own individual creative spirit and muse whom we need to follow, no matter what the world says.

If that isn’t the philosophy of the Daily Create, what is? Make your mark today.

Make Your Mark

Learn more about International Dot Day

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