Apparently there are people out there who think that hyperlinks in DS106 are all there because someone paid for it.

That sentence alone paid for most of the ds106 Lamborghini. Well, the yellow one.

And thus we get requests like the following for a paid link in ds106:

Hey DS 106,

I recently came across your website and noticed you have previously linked to and I was wondering if you could add one more link to this article for a reasonable fee?

This is the article I am talking about:

I can pay straight away via paypal if you can send me an invoice.

My marketing budget is not big at all, but hopefully we can agree on an amount of money that makes it worthwhile for you to take a few minutes to add one more link to the article.

Have a great day and let me know if you have questions.

For today’s Daily Create, design an invoice for this person so we can work towards the red Lamborghini!

Public domain Wikimedia Commons image

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