Hopefully you have seen René Magritte’s insanely great Treachery of Images painting, a picture of a pipe with the caption “this is not a pipe.”

Create your own version with something from the current era for the pipe and try to stay as true to the aesthetic of the original as possible.

DS106 Remix of Magritte's Treachery of Images.

DS106 Remix of Magritte’s Treachery of Images.

You can download a Photoshop file used to create the image above. Hint, for whatever you use for the “pipe” use Image -> Adjustments -> Hue & Saturation to tint the item. Check the Colorize box, and try numbers like Hue=0, Saturation=25, Lightness=-8.

Or work from a version of the original image found in Wikipedia Commons.

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc1646


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