DS106 Domains are valuable to you, and apparently others. Make a message about keeping your digital self in tact.

sadly, we see domains from many past DS106 Students that have been let go, lapsed, all their work, vanished like being flushed down a Blackboard hole in the ground. Okay, that us your choice. But… these domains do have value; I have tracked many that were bought by spurious outfits that turn them into soft porn or scam sites.

Don’t let it happen! This is part of one such site (we removed the over sexualized photo with a more… cheerful photo) that was hijacked. Remix it or make a new message as a Keep Your DS106 Domains #4Life.

Domain vultures may do this to your DS106 site! Don't let it happen!

Domain vultures may do this to your DS106 site! Don’t let it happen!

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc1625

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