Search the web for an old paperback cover and use that as starting point for a new cover. Sure you can use this one, but that makes it easy…

Public Domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Change the title. Alter the image. Whatever you like to do. Just make it crazy. For inspiration, search images using the keywords “paperback” and “paradise”

Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc1618

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  1.  Your Head’s Got a Learning Machine | Learning Nuggets
  2.  INTE 5340: Week Two – Nimbostratus Photography
  3.  Fahrenheit 106 | bavatuesdays
  4.  Daily Create 1618: Student Loans and Death | Oliver Batchelor
  5.  Paperback Paradise – erinmariegblog
  6.  The Old Man and The Seabiscuit | Clare Timblin Online
  7.  OS Upgrade Pulp Novels
  8.  The Watchful Eye – kopeckaci
  9.  All About Those Tats!(#tdc1618 Paperback Paradise) | laurenrazuriblog

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