Just a few daily creates back we celebrated Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday; the VanGoYourself site sets up a place for you to recreate and famous painting (and the originals are all licensed Creative Commons!)

From the site:

VanGoYourself allows you to recreate a painting with your friends, which is then twinned with the original and shared on social media.

It is perfect if you are tired of just looking at paintings, and like the idea of getting inside them instead? You can decide how ambitious you feel, then choose a painting that is ‘easy’ or a ‘challenge for a master’ to recreate. You can also select paintings using criteria such as ‘1 person’, ‘3 people’, ‘group,  ‘gory‘, ‘pets‘ or ‘romantic’ or even look for a museum you love. You can search the tags here.

We like the idea of the group challenge. Be original… and copy a master!

Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc1561


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