Book a trip via audio

Book a trip via audio

Soundtransit is a collection of ambient sounds from many places around the world. You can use the “booking” feature to take an audio trip between two destinations with several stopovers on the way.

Assemble a trip, download the audio, and write a fictional story about someone taking the travel.

For example:

Joe's Travels

Joe’s Travels

Joe, an out of work telemarketer, wins big at a casino in Niagra Falls. He flies to the UK, and gets stuck in a traffic altercation in Coryden. Seeing how mean the British people are he finds more calm traffic in Linkoping, Sweden, restoring his trust enough to return to Manchester in the UK to hear a bird singing. The bird’s song tells him to go to Mat Taranaki in New Zealand, where Joe finds his calling the world’s only radio cable guitar player

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