I cannot get the attention of the NMC to get to the bottom of a long running dubious media claim about people processing images 60000 faster than text.

They are holding their conference next week in Boston, where the person lives who has been documented making the the claim in 1982.

I have blogged, twice tweeted asking that this austere group could be the ones to put this myth to an end. I am every offering a cash prize to the person who finally closes the door on this case.

All I got from them was a like of the tweet. Wow.

Heck, when I google, I am not even sure who they are.

Maybe I am talking to the wrong NMC?

Let’s put the heat on NMC to get to the bottom of this 60000 times faster story. Maybe they could use the $120…

It’s the DS106 2017 Daily Create 30 Day Challenge! Can you do 30 in June?

Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc1974

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