Have you played Choose Your Own Adventure Games? Or read any of the book genre? Perhaps you have even created some yourself? What was your favorite and why? One of the classics I remember from early days was the Text based game Zork (I was not very good at it).

Here is one scene to ponder with some options highlighted in bold:


This appears to have been an artist’s studio. The walls and floors are splattered with paints of 69 different colors. Strangely enough, nothing of value is hanging here. At the south end of the room is an open door (also covered with paint). A dark and narrow chimney leads up from a fireplace; although you might be able to get up it, it seems unlikely you could get back down.

Loosely attached to a wall is a small piece of paper.

Now if you are expert you may know the proper choice, but that matters not. For today’s Daily Create, imagine different responses that happen if you (a) Go South (through that door); (b) Climb the chimney; (c) Take the paper (what is on it?); or make your own option (e.g. Go North, West, East….)

Or as another option, create a graphic that represents the choices in this studio. Choose a path and imagine the options that unfold.


A stone path splits with two directions to take into he woods. On the left is a wooden sign that has a MyFest22 logo

You Choose Your Path flickr photo by `James Wheeler shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license modified by adding the MyFest22 banner image to the sign


This is also welcome to Daily Create participants taking on these activities as part of MyFest22 (say hello!) see what we are asking participants to do for this one of many activities in a “choose your own path” development program June-August, 22.



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