These prompts are fun and silly, and we could have just asked you to toss another one in, but the twitter thread has pretty much covered the filmography with biscuits.

So let’s DS106 this to the next level– Create your own Replace one word in a movie title with ________ style prompt. It should be something unexpected, like “unicorn” or “hair brush” (not the best eh?)

Provide an example. See if it goes viral or maybe just picks up a few echoes. It’s more about the fun of the prompt.


Replace one word in a movie with with GIF

The Wizard of GIF
GIFs on a Plane
Good GIF Hunting
No Country for Old GIFs

That one is off the list now! Toss the biscuits away….


Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc3748

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