Maybe your morning was bad. The commute was a traffic jam or the Starbucks was closed for repair or there were just too many dull meetings. Bad.

But imagine your campus, city, entire region was hit not once but twice by major hurricanes. Most of your neighbors lack electricity and water. Some have no roof. The President of your country casts blame your way and only offers tossed rolls of paper towels.

A good internet friend and teacher, Antonio Vantaggiato (@avunque) just assembled his classes for INF103 and INF115 at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon for the first class after Maria, held outside under a tent.

Read about the first day back for students pursuing their learning post-Maria.

Photos by Joselyn Reyes #inf115 student, used with permission

For this special Daily Create we also that you send a photo, a genuine photo that you take yourself, of something that can express hope, care, concern for the teachers and students at Sagrado. Please include his class hashtags #inf103 #1inf115 and if it fits in your tweet, also add care4sagarado.

If you’d like to something else, see the campaign to send some cards El Puente de Puerto Rico:A Bridge of Postcards, Other support efforts are in progress.

Let’s put our media skills to some good use today and communicate a supportive message to these teachers and students of Puerto Rico.

Post your response to @[email protected] and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc2109

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