The 2022 “Mid-Year Festival” (MYFest) planned by Equity Unbound is a “recharge and renewal experience” exploring, among many other key themes, creative expression. What could be a better recharging activity than completing Daily Creates?

Starting June 1, 2022, we are asking MYFest participants to respond to as many DS106 Daily Creates as possible (and maybe add an extra #myfest22 tag to their responses), but through the lens of the event focus. This version of the main Daily Create Leaderboard is set to reflect participation starting June 1 for those that respond in twitter. It includes everyone who does the Daily Create, but let’s see if we can inspire some MyFest22 participants to climb to the top.

Learn more about this combining of creative forces at The Joy of a Daily Creative Habit.

Daily Create Activity During MYFest22

For MyFest22 53 people responded to 92 dailies between June 1, 2022 and August 31, 2022.

Daily Create Contributors During MYFest22

The following participants went the extra step  of being part of this activity by contributing new Daily Create challenges

  1. @HAKretschmer (12)
  2. @NomadWarMachine (11)
  3. @cogdog (10)
  4. @dogtrax (10)
  5. @ronald_2008 (5)
  6. @grammasheri (2)
  7. @profcaritat (2)
  8. @telliowkuwp (2)
  9. @bali_maha (2)
  10. @todd_conaway (1)
  11. @sandramardene (1)
  12. @inspirepassion (1)
  13. @mdvfunes (1)
  14. @annycow (1)
  15. @E_Spengler1 (1)
  16. @wentale (1)
  17. @anncow (1)