Leave 1, 2, or more books you no longer need to keep in a public place for someone else; if you choose leave a request to contact you by email. Take one photo and do not look back.

This is modeled after The Reading Project:

Photo by Daniel Kim for The Reading Projec

Photo by Daniel Kim for The Reading Projec

As described in a Huffington Post article Mysterious Stacks Of Books In NYC Are Connecting Strangers From Around The World:

Shaheryar Malik has left stacks of books from his own library at popular destinations all over New York City. He doesn’t stick around to see if anyone takes one of his books, nor does he re-visit his stacks. Instead he leaves a bookmark with his email address printed on it inside each book, in the hopes that he’ll hear back from whomever decided to pick that book up…

Malik’s novel idea, called The Reading Project, started last spring when he was on a walk near Brooklyn Bridge and felt the impulse to take a selfie. But right before he snapped the photo, he realized something:

“I’ve been on that bridge so many times and every time everyone takes the same picture and does the same thing. I wanted to try something different.”

So, instead of sharing yet another selfie of someone on The Brooklyn Bridge, he decided to share something physical instead of digital.

He went to his home library, selected a variety of titles and left a stack on New York’s iconic bridge.

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